Confirmation is about strengthening the life of the baptised by the gifts of the Holy Spirit; it is the completion of the initiation begun in Baptism.  For those baptised as an infant or young child, Confirmation is the mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of the Baptism vows taken on their behalf.  

The bishop of the diocese administers Confirmation by the laying on of hands (and often anointing with chrism), and an invocation of the Holy Spirit for strengthening and the gifts of grace. If Baptism is the beginning of life in Christ, Confirmation strengthens us by the Holy Spirit, by incorporating us more deeply into Christ and more closely into his Body the Church.

At. St.Alban’s, we specifically invite our baptised sixth graders to participate in confirmation by completing six consecutive Sunday morning classes that will teach them about the church and the sacraments.  These classes begin during the late Fall semester or early January.  All ages of baptised youth, sixth grade and up are welcome to attend the class and be confirmed.

Parents and Volunteers

The success of our Youth Group is dependent on our parents and volunteers – you do not have to have a child in our youth group to volunteer.  Our youth need to witness the adults in their life living a committed discipleship life.  They need trusted adults who they can talk with and learn from as they learn to walk the way of Jesus.  All youth group volunteers must take the Safeguarding God’s Children course before they can assist with our youth program.  We need adults who are willing to lead discipleship lessons, bring meals for the group on Wednesday night and help our Young Life Coordinators with games as well as chaperone other youth activities throughout the year.  If you would like to be a Youth Volunteer please contact the Church Office to sign up.