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 Bible 101 is a class designed for people who want to learn more about how to approach the Scriptures.  The Bible is the word of God, but it is not a simple book to read.  In this class we will start with looking at questions like:  Where did the Bible come from?  How did we get all the books we have today?  Were there other books considered that did not make it? 

From there we will slowly begin to look at some of the first books in the Old Testament and practice how to read the Bible.   We will answer questions like:  What parts of the Bible are meant to be taken literally?  What parts are not?  How do I know the difference?

This class is for anyone who feels like they don’t have a starting point for how to approach Scripture and would like one. 

Bring your lunch on Tuesdays and we will eat and learn together how to read the Bible for all its worth.